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Compelled to contribute to the messages of peace for Mali, Mulele Matondo Afrika brought together an international group of London-based artists to record 'Mali La Paix'. More info at

Donations welcome. Proceeds will go towards raising awareness to promote the cause.


Refrain (Lingala):
Mali ye, Mali ye, Mali ye, Afrik'ezoki. Mali ye, Mali ye, Mali ye, Afrik'ezoki lisusu ngo. Afrik'ezoki na Mali.
Mali ye, Mali ye, Mali ye, Africa is wounded. Mali ye, Mali ye, Mali ye, Africa is wounded again. Africa is wounded in Mali.

Birikiti Pegram (English):
Let the music play in Mali. Let the children dance fearlessly. Let the women walk free. Silence the war with the sound of peace.

Biram Seck (Wolof):
Many tears, much blood brings fear to the people of Mali. Why are we killing each other? The country is ours. We are brothers and sisters. All that remains is to pray for peace to come again.

David Lessie (Lingala):
Heartache, my body feels cold. My people are suffering. Blood is spilling in Mali.

Mulele Matondo Afrika (French):
Peace in Mali. Africa in peace.

Elhadj Amadou Ndir (Wolof):
To cry and not to have comfort. To fight for powers and beliefs. Have you forgotten the words of thy lord? Let us love one another.

Noga Ritter (Hebrew):
Mali, unite for the future of the children.

Maiken Sundby (Norwegian):
Freedom from tears, Freedom to the wounded souls. Everyone has the right to everything that exists. Fear of believing... Fear of seeing... When Mali stands together, The standing stand stronger.

Kadialy Kouyate (Bambara):
People of Mali, my salutations to you, That God bless you and bring you peace. The war should be avoided, the war is bad. Let us be united.

Ngeya Maweja aka Automatic (Swahili):
Suffering in Mali. Sharia has brought trouble in Mali. Many surprising events in our Africa, problems... Every day, children are dying. Who will help us?

Afla Sackey (Ga):
Mali, with togetherness and understanding, We will live in peace and harmony. War is not good. It will rather destroy the country. And we don't need war in our midst.

Ramsay Estevez (Spanish):
Until when the ignorance, my love, The killing and the incomprehension? Greed breaks the bags In the battle for power and mad snatching... Africa standing, Africa standing, Mali is standing my love, Mali is standing.

Katherine Pegler (English):
Mali, Mali, Peace in Mali


released February 7, 2013
Guitars: Mulele Matondo Afrika (DRC)
Kora: Jally Kebba Susso (Gambia)
Djembe, Shaker, Spoons: Afla Sackey (Ghana)
Tama talking drum: Kaw Secka (Senegal)
Double Bass, Batá: Jimmy Martinez (Cuba)
Batá drums: Javier Ginarte, Gerardo De Armas (Cuba)
Clarinet: Alice Williamson (UK/Croatia)
Viola: Anisa Arslanagić (UK/Bosnia)
Bağlama: Hasan Dur (Turkey)
Vocal percussion: David X (Martinique/France)
Mulele Matondo Africa (DRC)
David 'Atou' Lessie (DRC)
Ngeya Maweja aka Automatic (DRC)
Afla Sackey (Ghana)
Biram Seck (Senegal)
Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal)
Elhadj Amadou Ndir (Senegal)
Ramsay Estevez (Cuba)
Birikiti Pegram (UK/Eritrea)
Isabel Bedford (UK)
Katherine Pegler (UK)
Maiken Sundby (Norway)
Noga Ritter (Israel)



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Mulele Matondo Afrika

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